Monday, September 13, 2010

2010/2011 Wedding Trends

If you are planning a wedding or will be in the near future then this post is for you.
Here are the upcoming trends for everything wedding for fall/winter 2010 and the 2011 year.

Trending colors:
  1. Jewel shades
  2. Turquoise
  3. Coral
  4. Pale yellow with platinum or black
  5. Fuschia
  6. Deep red and teal
  7. Violet
  8. Mocha
  9. Bright yellow and peach
  10. Metallics
  11. Pink, Bright orange and Turquoise
  12. White on White
  13. Always classic-black

  • Bohemian/Gypsy style
  • Campy 1950's retro
  • Latin/African Design with bold prints and color
  • Garden
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Vintage Glamour
  • Woodland/Rustic
  • Tiffany Blue
  • Sparkling Diamonds
  • Retro Style 50-70's
  • EcoFriendly
  • Vineyard- long wooden tables, lots of wines. Cheese and fruit platter appetizers and a more intimate feel
  • Give a livingroom vibe
  • Art Deco( flat geometric patterns, classic architecture and peacock themes)
  • Romance! It is always popular:roses, white on white, pearls and lace
  • embellish embellish embellish! On your invites, centerpieces, bouquets and more! This is super trendy and communicates luxury without having to spend a ton!

  • Mirrors
  • Peacock feathers
  • Embelishments! Rhinestones, Lace, Pearls
  • Have a wishing tree in place of a guest book

Invitations ( Our Specialty)- Invitations should set the tone for your wedding, elicit a response and also be a keepsake. Here are some fresh ideas to
  • Stationery with embelishments ( rhinestone buckles, pearls, floral accents, feathers or ribbon)
  • Combine retro and modern- vertical layouts are growing.
  • Bohemian mixed withnon-dimensional floral patterns
  • folksy/culture look: use decorative diecuts or embelishments that are unique to your ethic background or heritage ( bold colors of latin culture or soft hues of the midwest, vivid graphics with african influence, etc). Use calligraphy or floursih fonts that are highly decorative. Use large bold fonts.
  • Go Eco! Use recycled papers, soy based inks
  • Make it look futuristic- add touches of florescents or metallics. Include diecuts and transparent papers. Mix your mediums.
  • Include bright colors

The Dress
  • Subtle ruffles and frills
  • Tea length wedding dresses are coming back in style
  • If you can't do the untraditional style of a shorter dress that choose one with touile!

The Ceremony
  • Instead of releasing doves- release butterflys. This popular trend continues to grow

The Reception
  • Dinner focused receptions- treat it like a big dinner party- more comfortable, less formal
  • Lose the formality- break it up! Change the seating, the order and the layout. People like a surprise!
  • Don't do assigned seating
  • Make your centerpieces in the same color tones but different sizes
  • Have different shaped and sized tables- mix squares with circles and rectangles. This adds alot of variation that pleases the eye and mixes it up!
  • Keep your reception more intimate, space closer together have vibrant colors and pick a more comfortable theme.
  • After parties are growing in trend. Have a space with a coffee bar, cappuchinos or even a cigar lounge.
  • DJ's instead of a band
  • souped up photobooths
  • Confection bar
  • Rock candy cocktails in your wedding colors
  • grand exits

The Cake
  • Gourmet cupcakes are huge! And a little different from your everyday wedding cake.
  • Classic White Cakes-Make them ALL white

Popular Money Savers
Instead of dinner, having a wedding brunch. Food isn't as expensive and you can be super cretaive with what you serve. Also the cost of vendors at this time of day is much less expensive and easier to book on a short times notice.

If you need any help with your wedding needs- contact us! We are happy to help.