Sunday, April 15, 2012

We Have a New Look

Well I finally did it! With the help of my wonderful husband, I have finally updated the look and overall brand of Whimsíque Invitations. In addition to an overhaul of our website, as you've noticed our blog had been updated too.

From now on our blog will mainly focus on highlighting the events that our invitations are designed for. We want to show you the details of the party, the design, decor, background on the people etc. And occassionally, I'll show you some ways to make your party look great for cheap with some fun craft ideas and recipes to inspire you.  Some of the posts to look forwrad to are:

  • an outdoor camping theme bridal shower
  • hush a bye baby shower ( in white)
  • a black tie birthday bbq party
  • a smurf theme birthday party
  • a rustic picnic wedding
  • a ocean inspired wedding on the San Diego bay
  • how to make awesome cake trays and food platters
  • how to make cake pops ( these are great for favors)
and so much more! 

And to celebrate we are having a raffle to thank our facebook friends and blog followers. Simply visit our new website and post on our facebook page and tell us what you think. This is how we will know you want to be part of the raffle. We will pick a winner at the end of this week on Friday April 21. A bonus:If you post on our blog and our facebook you will be entered twice.

We are excited and hope you like our new makeover.