Monday, May 17, 2010

Unique Favor Ideas

There are so many options for wedding favors these days-but how many really make sense? Will you use the one glass coaster that was set on your plate? Or the tiny little eiffel tower that's only purpose it is to hold your name tag or the tiny heart shaped hand soap? Finding a favor people will actually use and that is unique and creative is hard to do. One thing I have found is you never can go wrong with any type of favor that is associated with food. Chocolate and candy is always a winner and your packaging is what can be creative. One of my favorites is actually cost efficient and creative-a paper cake. There are also cute floral boxes.
Cookie cutters are common but people will love and use them, or measuring spoons or even personalized hot chocolate-yum!
A really neat artsy item is button mirrors will add a pop of color and style to the tables.And nothing says vegas like personalized match boxes, or for nostalgic value try a cootie catcher.
During the holidays it is a great idea to use ornaments as your favor. Also personalized albums that second as placecards is a great idea.

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