Tuesday, September 20, 2011

All Things Baby...& Announcements

Lately my life has been all things baby. Having a new little bundle of joy definitely turns your world upside down. Sleep is lacking, most days are a success if I have taken a shower and maybe cleaned the dishes. So designing my own baby announcement took longer than it probably should have, she is almost 3 months old and I just now sent them. But it was designed with love and is unique and personal and full of cute photos from when my daughter was only 10 days old.

I loved designing it and hope to design a lot more announcements for little ones and their parents. If you are interested in a unique design feel free to contact me: Melissa@whimsique.com. I will be posting more announcement designs I did for Casually Candid Photography as well as this one on my website soon! www.whimsique.com

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